Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to the Nebraska Safety Center

 Located in West Center at the University of Nebraska at Kearney the Nebraska Safety Center was established by the Nebraska Legislature in 1978.
Mission Statement
We exist to conserve human and economic resources through safety and accident prevention.
Vision Statement
Our VISION includes recognition as the regional center providing universal safety education which enhances the quality of life for Nebraskans.
What does the Center do?
The Nebraska Safety Center provides instruction in safety education, service through seminars and workshops, coordination of statewide programs, and research in safety education. These purposes and functions of the Nebraska Safety Center are addressed through five areas outlined in the legislation. These five areas are: Traffic, Industrial. Home, Fire and Recreational Safety.
When was the driving range developed?
The Center's driving range facility (The Ron and Carol Cope Nebraska Center for Safety Education and Research) was developed in 1981 and is the hub of most of the traffic safety activities. For directions to the Driving Range Click here Range Map
What services does the Center offer?
  • Driver Improvement Courses 
  • STOP (Safety Training Option Program) - a diversion class for violators of minor traffic offenses 
  • Evaluations for Driver's who are medically challenged 
  • Mine Safety Training for approximately 200 mines in Nebraska 
  • Driver Education Classes 
  • Pupil Transportation Level Training 
  • Safety Consultation Services

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