Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break - Snow Safety

Heading to a snowy destination for Spring Break?

Sledding, Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Skiing and Snowmobiling - fun activities, if you don't get hurt.

Sledding is a great way to play in the snow. Make sure you know about the hill where they will be playing. Is it steep or covered with trees? If so, it's not a good location for sledding. Also, watch out for hills with rocks or those near busy roads.Sledding injuries can be very serious, resulting in broken bones and trauma to the abdomen, head, and neck. So it's wise to supervise your kids when they go sledding. Experts also suggest having kids wear helmets to help prevent head injuries.

Ice skating, a great cold-weather activities, but require safety smarts, too. Make sure you avoid injuries by wearing properly fitted skates whenever on the ice. Ice skaters should also consider wearing helmets. Rinks are always safer than ponds for skating. If you only have access to a pond, check the thickness of the ice to prevent falls through it and supervise your kids while they skate.

Before they hit the slopes with a snowboard or ski, make sure your kids are wearing helmets and protective goggles. Skiers' safety bindings (the attachment that secures the ski boot to the ski) should be checked yearly, and snowboarders should wear gloves with built-in wrist guards. All equipment should fit well.

Snowmobiling is more popular than ever, and the machines also go faster than ever. When snowmobiling, follow these safety steps:
  • Everyone should wear goggles and a helmet approved for use on motorized vehicles.
  • Kids younger than 16 should not operate snowmobiles, and those younger than 6 should not ride on them.
  • Travel in groups and make sure someone knows where the snowmobiles are going.
  • Know your machine and its capabilities.
  • Respect other snowmobiles and yield to those who have the right of way.
  • If it's necessary to snowmobile on frozen bodies of water, do so with extra caution.
  • When crossing a roadway, make sure the way is clear in both directions.
  • Operate at a reasonable and prudent speed for trail conditions.
And remember that alcohol and winter activities do not mix!

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